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Yesterday, Google Announced, YouTube new Monetization Policies which may affect a large number of YouTube Creators. On April 2017, YouTube announced new policy where YouTube creators have to cross 10,000-lifetime views to enable monetization. Now, YouTube changed the rules of money earning policy with the controversial issue “Suicide forest” of Logan Paul who is one of the top YouTuber with over 15 Million Subscribers.

Let’s Now know the YouTube new Monetization Policies.

YouTube New Monetization policies

YouTube is one of the second largest search engines in the world. YouTube is also one of the Money Making Tool where many Creators are earning Millions of Money from this Search Engine. In the past year, YouTube announced new monetization policy where YouTube Creators need to cross the threshold 10,000 views to enable monetization. After the issue of Logan Paul Suicide Forest, YouTube announced its new policies yesterday which may affect large no.of fake/false YouTubers.

The change in Guidelines of YouTube helpful to the advertisers where they can target genuine customers and get their business.

Starting Today, every channel must have 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers from past 12 months to enable monetization.

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Google announces that, it also applies to all the Existing channels which the threshold time until FEB 20, 2018. Whereas for new creators the new ad policy is applicable. How to create a Youtube channel with Gmail Account?

In Future, YouTube is going to come up with Three-tier Suitability System where an advertiser can run their ads in very safer environments and can target the right audience.

This designates that the “Size of the Channels doesn’t matter whether the channel is suitable for Advertising”.

If you are now starting a new YouTube channel then follow Help Center and Creators Hub

The Policy will help only Genuine Creators and also for Advertisers.

Don’t Play any Games with Google’s YouTube.

Why has YouTube changed its Ad policy?

Whether to benefit Advertisers? or To remove Spammers on YouTube?

Share your Opinion on this new Ad policy by commenting here.

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