Hey geeks, we are back again with another new method of money making trick through YouTube where you can earn $250 a day. As we all know that YouTube is second largest search engine in the World. Today we will discuss how we can earn $250 per day through YouTube. As already discussed in many money making its not that easy to earn money more quickly and easily, we need to put some efforts. Let’s get into the story of “$250 a day YouTube Money Making Trick”.

Have been reading around and studying online marketing strategies and money making methods for several years now and felt it is my turn to share back some since I have learned a lot of useful things there myself.

So in this little guide I will be explaining you how I am currently making $250 or more EVERY day from YouTube with Adsense and CPA programs – WITHOUT uploading ANY VIDEOS AT ALL, having NO videos of my own. I have held this secret back for a while and waited for the right time and place to share it with someone worthy. You are lucky! It has taken me YEARS to get to where I am now – but it can be done quickly and easily when you just know the right place to go about it and avoid the mistakes!

Later on I may share other methods I use as well, making me much more additionally.

For now, it is YouTube with Adsense and CPA programs.

I want to tell you right away that you WILL have to dedicate some time and efforts for this. But it will pay back! And it WILL be much EASIER than spending time figuring out what videos to create, or risk losing your account for ripping other peoples content etc. This is a SAFE method.

Lets just throw in some starting steps here to make it easier to get through. First of all before we even start on the real steps here, install HMA VPN to cloak your IP and be anonymous, then run it and always change IP before creating or entering an account. The purpose of this is to not let google or anyone else know who you are or that you got multiple accounts. Use Google Chrome in Incognito mode every time to not store cookies or other data!
Now, lets begin this system!

One Google a lot of Products

1. Create 2 Gmail accounts with 2 YouTube accounts connected to them – you can create more later and do the same with them as I will explain here. One account will be the adsense channel, which is your “holy” channel that will be kept safe at all costs. The other account will be your sucker-account, to drive extra traffic to your main adsense account, as well as to use with the CPA and PPI programs mentioned below. Your second account CAN be used for other things too if you want to gain more cash, such as clickbank sales etc.

2. Sign up with Adsense and one or more CPA network such as MgCash, Peerfly and CPALead as well as PerInstallCash (which is a PPI program I got some good success with) that you will be using for actually earning the money with on your videos. On AdSense you will make money from advertisements shown in your videos within YouTube, and with the 3 CPA networks MgCash, Peerfly & CPALead you get paid for actions such as mobile sign-ups and surveys, and the last one PerInstallCash you get paid when people download and install one of their free softwares such as a mp3 player or video downloader. Beginners should start with MgCash and PerInstallCash. There are enormous ways to monetize with these. Examples are to find good paying offers in MgCash, get your affiliate link for it, and add it into the description of your videos – ALWAYS cloak affiliate links through Bitly.com url shortener and keep offer links related to the videos posted! My favorite is the Link Locker in MgCash which lets you force users to take an offer to get access to a link – f.ex a link to an ebook, a wallpaper, a plugin, a software, etc – anything really, just try keep it legitimate. Find free stuff on the web, lock it with link locker, and share your locked link in videos. Again, remember to use Bitly.com. With PerInstllCash you get paid up to $2 each time an user downloads and installs one of their software’s through your affiliate link. They got stuff like mp3 players, video downloader’s, etc, easy to share in your YouTube videos (their YouTube Video Downloader is excellent for ANY video).

3. Decide a topic / niche you want to work with. You don’t need ANY knowledge about your topic since you will not make any videos of your own. -This can really be anything that is popular. Some examples can be Health, Technology, Movies, Games, “How to”‘s on any topic, Sports, Politics, Alternative news, conspiracies, new age, spirituality, etc etc etc – later on you can expand and create more Gmail’s & YouTube accounts for more topics.

I will simply stay to “Health” during this guide, and thus refer to health-related stuff in how to build up your channel, work with keywords, etc etc.

Often it can be good to be a bit broad in the topic you decide, lets say Health – don’t narrow it down too much by getting into a specific subject such as “Migraine” but leave it wide open for you to work on material for all kind of people. Gets you more back.

Since using the “Health” example, one name for a youtube channel could be “Modern Health”, which can cover a lot, rather than “Headaches Today”, which would be very narrow.

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4. (this step is optional but it WILL boost your income) Set up two Twitter accounts and get yourself Tweetadder. Connect your YouTube accounts to your Twitter account as well. Use Tweetadder to gain tons of contacts and to post tweets linking to your videos regularly. Always add new videos into tweetadder – spin your posts so you get many versions leading to the same videos. Please study this elsewhere if you do not know anything about it, tons of info on Tweetadder, Spinning, etc out there. Here is a video for now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAUhGmrZGPk – set up all the good stuff like scheduled auto-tweets, auto-add contacts, auto-reply on tweets and msgs, etc. You can get a really excellent spinner to create tons of tweets to rotate in the auto-tweet function from WordAI- if you have no idea what I’m speaking of here look it up or just skip this whole step. You will make easily thousands of additional contacts here though if you implement it. NOTE 2014: Latest versions of TweetAdder have REMOVED most the good features such as auto
tweet etc, find an OLDER cracked version OR use other similar type of software. For tweets you can set up a wordpress blog with plugins such as WR Robot and NextScripts Auto-poster – Also check video on how to gain twitter followers via Tweepi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDMocWQUPHg

5. (this step is optional but it WILL boost your income) Set up two facebook accounts and connect these as well with your YouTube accounts. Make a Facebook Page for each of your channels. Myself I maintain my facebook profiles both manually and automated. You can get automated software for it such as WP Robot and NextScripts Auto-poster via WordPress blogs, see end of this guide for more info on that.

– In step 4 and 5 above, make sure to tailor your Twitter account and Facebook account in connection with the content of your YouTube accounts. Create profiles relating to your YouTube topic with info and descriptions etc suitable. I will not go into more details on setting up the two since its fairly straight forward and tons of info on this already out there.

Check out how to Download YouTube Video through VLC Media Player

6. Set up some accounts on link sharing sites, I personally recommend http://www.Stumbleupon.com and http://www.Digg.com as well as a couple big forums on your topic (googling “Health forum” and “Health discussions” would be sufficient for finding that using the health-example I am working with in this thread). This part alone often gives me several thousands extra views per day. Just find forums and discussion groups related to your niches, join them and start a discussion where you link back to your own YouTube channel, videos, WordPress blog etc.

– When posting in these places, make sure it is not spammy. Try to get people to discuss and give feedback and comments on videos you post – specially in forums since they have low threshold on spam. Examples for forums can be to use videos that shows treatments or cures for different things, or exercises, etc and create a discussion asking people what they think of the video you present, if it is a legitimate method or not, and ALWAYS ask people to give THEIR suggestions, ideas and share personal discoveries and stories – this will keep the thread alive and ranked good.

-Eventually OTHER people in the same (and other) places will start posting threads and links to YOUR videos from YOUR channels, if you manage to keep quality up that keeps people interested. Which brings me to the next, most important step, here:

7. Go to your YouTube accounts. Now this is the brilliant part, you dont have any videos of your own, and you are too lazy to make any or even rip videos and spend time uploading. Instead, simply log into youtube, click the account button in upper right corner, select Creator Studio, then in the left menu select Create then go to the Video Editor, and you see a “CC” button in it, just to the right of the video screen. Click this CC button, and you will get access to TONS of videos that you can use. – These are Creative Commons videos. Videos that OTHER people have made, and allow YOU to reuse – EVEN COMMERCIALLY! Yes that is right – HIGH QUALITY videos of ALL KINDS of topics right there for you to dig through and use as you wish, and make money from, other people have done all the work for you, and they are HAPPY to let you use THEIR videos!

You are free to select videos there, simply search for keywords relating to the topics you want, and use any good ones you find. When you see a video, click it and drag it down into the time-line of the editor. Then rename it up above video, where it says My Edited Video, and click Publish button.

Read about creative commons here: http://www.youtube.com/t/creative_commons


Creative commons are pretty much the same as “public domain” and “royalty free” – all there ready for YOU to use. The YouTube videos under Creative Commons are under the “CC BY” license, you can read about in links above – CC BY simply means you can reuse them COMMERCIALLY which is the important thing here.

This is so easy and quick, you can put up a hundred videos in one day if you really want to, simply picking them out from the CC library in youtube’s video editor. Personally I keep at around 5 videos or less a day though, per account.

You can mix this video publishing with using own videos of course – I actually do upload some videos of my own along with the CC videos, but 90% of my videos are CC and I have a majority of channels where 100% of the content is CC.

CC videos are also EXTREMELY easy to monetize and get approved by YouTube, since they are ALREADY authorized for monetization by ANYONE due to the very fact they are “Creative Commons” which automatically allows them to be reused commercially. Most of the time monetization is accepted automatically, but sometimes they ask for more information. If they ask you to provide more info to verify you have the rights, select you have a Online License if you get the page where you need to select such and copy and paste in the following in your reply to them:

I confirm I have world wide commercial distribution rights for my video, which was made by myself using material under Creative Commons (CC BY) License from YouTube’s own Creative Commons library. As per Creative Commons CC BY License terms, I am free to reuse all material released under such license, as I have done, and this includes for commercial use and other personal use. All credits given, see the Source video links and Attributions links under the video (click “Show more” to expand list). For more info on Creative Commons CC BY Licenses and what rights are included for others to reuse, check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license

The above can also be copied and pasted in direct email replies if they ask you for more info. When using Creative Commons, your videos will automatically get an “Attribution” link and a “Source video” link below it in the description field area for easy reference.

There is so much good quality stuff there in the CC videos that you have great opportunities, you can find some real professional stuff on all kinds of topics. Lets say you want health videos, then go to the CC search as explained and type in something related such as simply “health” and see what comes
up. You can also search for stuff that you think will be of interest, lets say “cancer cure” to be a bit specific, or “stress relief” etc.

This is really a gold mine here – specially since you dont need to worry about copyrights etc, you are already allowed to use this material. I am sure you all can see the GREAT potentials!!!

At times, you will get “Matched third party” copyright claim, which is by YouTube’s automatic system. This is generally easily disputed, by copying the same text above used when you monetize. You are in complete accordance with all terms and policies of YouTube when using CC material, and have nothing to worry about, since they themselves have created this ability for finding material.

However, there is one important thing to know about Creative Commons videos found in youtube. Some people upload videos into the CC library without having their own proper licenses or rights to do so. This in turn means that sometimes you may accidentally use a video that is not actually a CC video, owned by someone who got the rights for it. If you get a copyright claim “Third Party Match” on such a video and try to dispute it, you will be denied to use it or release the copyright claim. If this happens, immediately delete the video! Or else you could receive COPY RIGHT STRIKE! So, personally, what I do is to simply delete ALL videos of Third Party Match, not even trying to dispute them, just to keep as safe as possible. Always check videos in video manager frequently to make sure you have none marked with Matched Third Party.

8. Do some good keyword research for your videos, this is most easily done by using keyword tools of youtube and google.

Here they are: https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaReques tType=KEYWORD_IDEAS


Here is a good info on keyword basics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h1mUCvu12A

Use BOTH the youtube keyword tool AND the google adwords tool since you want to rank good on BOTH YouTube and Google searches to get more views and visitors and thus MONEY. Results of searches are different and you have 2 sources of visitors that can really get you good views by using both and appropriate variations of keywords. Specially if you also create WordPress blogs as mentioned for the channels, that will get Google search visitors to them.
I recommend that you use keywords with LOW competition but high amount of searches when optimizing your keywords in titles, descriptions and tags. ALWAYS use keywords in all 3 parts of a video (Title, Description, Tags). There is tons of good info on this already out there so I wont go into more details on keywords and search optimization. Google it, find it in YouTube, etc.

9. (optional step) Go to http://www.ViewTornado.com and http://www.YTNuke.com to boost views on your videos cheap. This is useful for kicking some life into your videos in the beginning when starting up channels. Very easy and quick to set up, and wont damage your YouTube channels. I also recommend www.Fiverr.com to find cheap gigs for YouTube views, likes, favorites, comments etc
just search “YouTube views” there. The more views and likes your videos have, the higher up they rank in searches in YouTube, and more people are exposed to them through “recommended videos” there.

10. (optional step) Get Tube Toolbox http://www.TubeToolbox.com – excellent tool for building your channel further, getting contacts and subscribers interested in your topics, and generally maintaining your channel. They got tons of info on their site on how to use it, and tons of info in YouTube and Google.

11. When adding videos to the 2 accounts, as I mentioned use one for Adsense and one for additional income through CPA, PPI and other offers like Clickbank, as well as to gain extra traffic. Keep things light with your Adsense based YouTube account, completely and 100% white hat to not risk anything. Be hardcore and blast your second account good using as much as the mentioned tools and methods as possible. In the second channel, put links in every video description for the CPA-PPI-Clickbank offers and links leading back to videos on first channel, as well as feature your own first channel on channel page of second channel. Make annotations in every video on second channel linking back to first channel for gaining subscribers. Use same videos on both channels if wanted, with different titles, tags, keywords. Then you will also learn which does better so you can maximize your income and views.


Use some common sense and try your best to work within the TOS of YouTube, and ALL your accounts should be fine. Make your videos interesting – something which is easy using other peoples CC videos. Make people interact a lot, by asking them to Subscribe, Like your videos, Comment etc.

When putting out CC videos, use the text feature to add an intro text and outro text with name of channel you want to promote, and telling people to subscribe and comment etc, as well as to add any links to additional income sources like affiliate sites etc (can also be added in description). Be creative, add your own stuff, enhance the method I have given you here.

You can do pretty good with only steps 1,2,3 and 7 alone, but using ALL mentioned here will pretty much guarantee you success.

Expect a couple weeks of hard daily work while setting up things, before you can sit back and relax more as your income grows and efforts decreases. Make sure to maintain your channels and do some updates on regular basis once you start making good money, so the good money will keep steady and growing.
2014 Update Automated WordPress blogs connected with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook: Since I first wrote this guide in 2012, I have learned many new things and increased my success and implemented a few new tricks. I did briefly mention WP Robot above. This is actually a fantastic tool! I use WP Robot to fully automate several domains. It finds articles and videos online from other sites and youtube, rewrites titles and content through WordAI to create original and google-safe material, then post it automatically as often as you want to set it up to do. In addition, through the mentioned plugin NextScripts Auto-poster –the blog post are also automatically shared on twitter, facebook and stumbleupon.
I strongly recommend creating a website with own domain for each of the youtube channels, set up with WordPress blog and these plugins. Make them automatically post material related to what the channels are about and gain great extra traffic from google organic searches, twitter, Faccebook and stumbleupon without even needing to do anyting since it is all 100% automated. Your followers on the twitter, facebook and stumbleupon accounts will also grow with people genuinely interested in the niches you have set up, so you get a lot of highly targeted audiences over time here.

And you set the WordPress blog up so videos from your YouTube channels are posted there now and then, and set up social links to the channels and your twitter and Facebook pages, and the other way around from YouTube you link it to your WordPress blog and Facebook pages for gaining followers.

ALSO, you add AdSense to these blogs to gain significant extra income from them! You must make sure that all content posted is REWRITTEN through WordAi to make it original – this makes sure your WordPress blogs stays safe in AdSense and ALSO gives you high and good rankings in Google.

Continue with this system, setting up one package of YouTube channels and blogs at a time, along with respective twitter and Facebook accounts, and you will build a huge automatic income over time!

If you need any help with anything, or want to get my other moneymaking systems, Comment Below We will surely help you to grow help yourself

Good luck on your journey towards financial freedom and being your own boss!

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