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Why Laravel is the best PHP framework for Web development?

Laravel is one of the most useful PHP frameworks, preferred by many developers. It is an open source, free framework and based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Taylor Otwell created it and the initial release was on June 9, 2011, to facilitate developers to create responsive and beautiful web applications. Laravel is hosted on GitHub and released under the license of MIT.
It provides easy syntax to write code to develop elegant and fast loading websites and web applications. The most amazing thing about Laravel is its simplicity. Due to its simplicity, it became the most popular framework of 2017. The Laravel community is very active and releases an updated version every year with the latest and advanced features. Its latest version Laravel 5.5 is going to be released in August 2017.
The developers find Laravel as an amazing framework with feature rich toolkit to build fast and highly scalable applications. This pushes the enterprises to hire the Laravel development company to get functional web apps.
Now let’s get in the depth of it to know what are its features and benefits that make it most preferred and popular among all.

Automatic Pagination

Unlike other frameworks, the pagination is not so painful in Laravel. The Pagination in Laravel is very easy to use. It is integrated with the query builder and Eloquent ORM which further includes a PHP active record implementation. The developers can issue database queries with syntax instead of writing code.

View Composers

View composer handles the logic into a single location. At the time of view rendered, the call backs or class methods that are called are view composers. Generally, view composer in Laravel connects with a database, call the right view and unite the data to the view by a controller.

Unit Testing

Laravel is intended for testing. The developers can test their applications in a convenient way. There are two libraries for testing – feature and unit. The feature is used to test the large segment of code, with object interaction or complete HTTP request. Test Library usually focuses on a small, isolated part of the syntax.

Routing System

Laravel has coolest routing system which boosts the overall performance and speed of your applications if it has a maximum number of routes. Laravel is a flexible framework which allows developers to choose triggered route on the application which is automatically loaded.

MVC Architecture Support

Models refer to real world entities, the view is HTML pages and controller is the intermediate between model and views. MVC means Model-View-Controller which improves the performance, transparency of logics and documentations.

Libraries and Modular

Laravel framework is built on 20+ different libraries which are sorted into different modules. The developers can develop advanced and user-friendly web apps using it with modern PHP principles. There are many pre-installed libraries which are not available in other frameworks. In Laravel, we can have access to lots of overwhelming features such as Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) Protection, and encryption.

Template Engine

Laravel offers simple yet powerful templates to develop out-of-the-box layouts. With a wide range of widgets that are coded on CSS and JavaScript, Laravel templates such as blade offer endless possibilities for complex website designs.

Laravel 5.5

The latest version of Laravel 5.5 is going to be released this month (August) which is said to be a major release with all new features. It will require PHP 7.0+ which speed up the development and reduce the load time by half.
The developers should upgrade PHP 7 to use Laravel 5.5. The error handling framework Whoops, which was removed after Laravel 4, is making a comeback to annoy PHP exceptions and errors.
Unlike other versions, Laravel 5.5 will allow you to select a provider or tag to make it easy to publish views, configurations and other resources.
Now developers can create a CSS style sheet and customize the themes straight to Mailable classes. The migration in coming version is quite easy and fast process. Version 5.5 has the ability of automatic package discovery and adds aliases in them.
With two major changes to request feature – direct call to the validate method, so you can call the validator on request instance and the second one is that there will be no need to pass the request as a first argument.

Final note

Laravel is still developing and in this developing phase, it is very much explored by developers. It has different versions and every latest version is advanced by new features and trends. The most appealing thing about Laravel framework is its simplicity. It is very simple to use which makes its speedy and functional.
The developers can easily learn this framework and once they are done with one, they will definitely be curious about the next version. This ultimately helps them to understand it completely. With the power of PHP, Laravel is growing and encourages the developers to sharpen their skills to pursue effective web application development.
If you are deciding to develop your next web application using Laravel, you can go through its key features and specifications. We hope this article will help you for this. Share your views in comment section.
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