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Instead of seeing the popularity of both messengers Have a look at the features of WhatsApp vs Hike. Hike has better features than WhatsApp in terms of calling and file sharing and regional stickers which are only available on Hike. In the newly updated version of WhatsApp, it also provides file sharing like doc, pdf etc. Now both messengers are working on video calling. Hike has better features such as security, we can free messages to unused users and also provides stickers and emotions and we can share 100 MB file at a time and we can also free offline messages to the hike users but in WhatsApp, we cant send the offline messages and free messages to the available users. Even though WhatsApp is more popular than a hike. what is the reason behind it? why hike has lesser users than WhatsApp? Have look over here……!!!!

App Free SMS Move SD Privacy SSL File Size Notify Stickers Earn
Global Mark
Whatsapp Lifetime Only
no Poor No Up to 16 MB Average No Never Yes 60
Hike Lifetime Also non User Yes Strong Yes Up to 100 Mb Better Yes Yes No 80

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WhatsApp as 1billion active users whereas Hike 100million users. The reason is when WhatsApp is acquired by the facebook MARK ZUCKERBERG the number users are greatly increased because WhatsApp is dominating the facebook and also impressed by the Facebook users so the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had acquired this WhatsApp for 19 billion USD. After that, WhatsApp is linked with many top-rated mobiles for marketing and making the inbuilt app in all the mobiles so that the number of users is increased. The reason is simple but the earnings are more and also dominating many other messengers like a hike.
People are now addicted to WhatsApp so that no other messengers are likely to be used any other messengers. The hike is providing games and some shopping coupons and much more but the users are less because hike works only in India and it is an Indian application and if the hike is going to available in the whole world this would be the best instant messenger. In Feb 2016,  the WhatsApp users are almost equal to hike users.
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