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WhatsApp is most Popular Messenger which has 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users. As We all know that any Popular Messenger does not have Delete option from the end user. Now, WhatsApp new feature is DELETE FROM EVERYONE. Let’s know more about this new feature..!!

WhatsApp New Feature

Now you can delete your messages which you have sent in Group or to an Individual. WhatsApp now came up with Few options “Delete From Everyone”  & “Delete for me”. If you sent a message to the wrong group or chat or if you’re message was wrong which has been already sent to a recipient then you can delete them from both ends. The Message which has successfully deleted from everyone replaces with “This Message was deleted” in your recipients end and vice-versa at senders end.

Delete From Everyone: WhatsApp New Feature

Delete From Everyone option works only for seven Minutes after sending the Message. Once the Seven Minutes have passed then this new option will be disabled. This new feature only works in the new version of WhatsApp. If one user has a New version and other user doesn’t have this new version then this feature is disabled to that particular users. To enable this Delete From Everyone Feature both the users must use the updated and new version of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp New Feature: Process to “Delete From Everyone

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Goto the chat box which you wish to delete a message.

Step 2: Tap and Hold the Message which you want to delete, You can find Multiple Options “Delete from Me” & “Cancel” and “Delete From Everyone“, Select “Delete From Everyone”

Note: Optionally you can delete multiple Messages at Once.

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As already said, to run this new feature both Sender and receiver must be new WhatsApp version users. This new update is available for all devices IOS, ANDROID, and WINDOWS.

Even if Android user(Assume Sender) with Latest version of WhatsApp and other OS users (Assume Receiver) with an older version of Whatsapp will be disabled from this feature. Both the Operating System’s must contain the new version of WhatsApp to enable this new feature.

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