What is Spectre? How does it affects your System?

Before going to know what is spectre? First, we need know some information about Processors(CPU). Let’s begin the story from processors.

What is Processor?

A processor is an Integrated Electronic Chip that performs the calculations to run a computer. A processor is also called as CPU(Central Processing Unit) which performs Arithmetic and Logic Operations, I/O Operations and other basic operations which are sent by the Operating System.

Now let’s get into the story.

What is Spectre?

Most of the Modern Processors use various features like branch prediction, out of order execution, and Speculative execution. System Hardware is the final output which will not flush out any results. The Problem with these OOOE and Speculative execution is they can easily change cache state which will lead to sensitive data leakage. In simple attackers can read the secret data that rely on CPU chip. This kind of attacks is called Spectre Attacks. Now, most of the modern processors are under these attack.

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How does it may affect your system?

When a victim (affected system user) trying to perform the speculative operations that would not happen during the correct execution time then that system is under spectre attack which leads to leakage of confidential data, stored on the CPU chip.

If an Attacker wants to hack your confidential data that rely on your system processor, attackers must have to install scripting or malicious software on your system. Most of the modern processors are facing these flaws.

The Processor manufacturing companies INTEL, AMD, and ARM have already accepted the flaws which are reported by the researchers. The Good news is that Intel, AMD, and ARM are now ready to fix these flaws through software patches whereas Microsoft, Apple, and Google are already released some consequences. But AMD announces that some of the flaws don't affect their processors.

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