what is a meltdown

What is a Meltdown? How does it affects the systems?

As we discussed spectre flaw is may affect only one single system processor but now we are going to discuss one of the worst hardware flaws which may affect other systems processors which is so-called Meltdown.Now We are going to discuss what is a meltdown? How does it affect the system? What processors are under this Meltdown flaw?

What is a Meltdown?

Meltdown is another biggest flaw where attackers can access the secret information through an Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple’s High Sierra.

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What is Meltdown

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Meltdown also enables to read other processors sensitive data which are in the virtual space without asking any permissions. Virtually every system which uses modern processors is under this attack. This may affect a lot of cloud environments systems which lead to a lot of data loss.

Unknowingly, Meltdown also affects servers which are the backbone of all the cloud servers like AWS(Amazon web services) and Google Cloud Platform.

Meltdown attack here


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