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E-commerce is abbreviated as Electronic Commerce.E-commerce is the new trading trend over a network(Internet).E-Commerce is also called Internet marketing.In the present world, E-commerce is the trend where many technologies are involved such as Mobile commerce, Fund transfer commerce, and many more.E-commerce is the platform where the retailer can directly promote his sales to the consumers.
Here we can find the world’s top-ranked E-Commerce sites…!! Let’s have a look over here..!!!

The Five E-commerce sites are listed on top in ALEXA Internet ( An Amazon company).Alexa Internet is a toolbar which collects the data on browsing behavior and transmits them to the Alexa website.The collected data will be stored and analyzed based on the analysis, the websites are ranked globally.Globally, Over 30 Million websites are ranked by ALEXA INTERNET.

1. AMAZON.COM: AMAZON is one of the top-rated E-commerce sites in the world.This is a platform where a customer can discover and buys the products.The Site provides vast features and services to the customers.Globally it has ranked 7 by Alexa Internet. To see the overall analysis of Amazon Click here.
2.E BAY: It is one of the Top ranked sites in E-Commerce space.The site provides Consumer-to-Consumer and Business-to-Consumer sales and services over the internet.Globally the site has ranked 26 by Alexa Internet.To see an overall analysis of eBay Click here.
3.NETFLIX: It is one of top-ranked E-commerce site which differs from AMAZON and E BAY.It is a platform where we can watch films and television shows in Online by paying monthly fares.This is a unique platform compare to other E-Commerce sites.Globally the site has ranked 35 by Alexa internet.To see all analysis of NETFLIX Click here.
4.WALMART: It is one of the top-ranked E-commerce sites.It provides the wide range of choices to the customers.Globally it has ranked 140 by Alexa Internet.To see all analysis of WALMART Click here.
5.ETSY : It is the platform where different handmade products will be selling and buying to/from the customers.Globally it has ranked 153 by Alexa internet.To see all analysis of ETSY click here.
The E-commerce websites are ranked based on the streaming of data over the internet and collected by Alexa the data for analysing the sites.
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