In the past, I have discussed how to earn money from Amazon, YouTube. Now I am going to share top 3 best methods to earn money from YouTube. I have practically implemented all these 3 methods. So I sharing my practical experience with you all. So, Are you curious to know more about this story? Let’s get into the story.

Firstly, You need to create a YouTube channel using your Email Id. Want to know How to create YouTube channel using your Email Id: Click here. Let’s now get into the story. Before going to the methods, you need to have patience and some video editing tricks.

In What Way YouTube will Pay You?

Before going to 3 best methods to earn money from YouTube, you need to know how does YouTube pays you? I think this is the question rolling in your mind. Here is the answer to your confusion.

Google Adsense is the answer to your confusion. Google Adsense is one of the largest advertising programs for publishers(like you & me) where you need to Monetize your YouTube Channel. As per Recent changes in YouTube  Policies, Your YouTube channel have to cross 10,000 unique views to enable Monetization where Ads will Roll out on your videos and You will earn money from them.

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Top 3 Best Methods to Earn Money From YouTube

Method 1

I really love this method because which is the best and easy method where you can create a lot of videos and upload them to your YouTube Channel.

Firstly go to YouTube and Search for Funny videos, funny accidents, fail compilation, funny pranks, and all that fun stuff. Download 65 Funny Stuff from YouTube(I Personally recommend YouTube Free Downloader Pro). After Downloading them, Split these all videos because to escape from YouTube Copyright.

Add different split videos and make it one video using Windows Movie Maker.

Additional Tip:

Upload those Split videos Likes partly episodes (Like part 1, part 2….etc). You Will surely earn more money if you upload split videos on to your YouTube channel.

Method 2

This is a very easy method where you can create more videos within a very fraction of minutes and upload it them to your YouTube channel.

Download any “movie” related images and create a video using Powerpoint, also mention “Video is Removed due to copyright issues Kindly check out the link below”.

After creating a video using powerpoint, you need to add photos of that movie and create some animations using windows movie maker. Attach both the videos and upload it to your YouTube channel and Copy & Paste the Movie link into the video description.



Get a Jumanji picture from Google, and Copy Paste that image into Windows Movie Maker and make some animations up to 2:00 Minutes and Upload them to your YouTube.

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Method 3

This method is very hard to process but which is worthful for your struggle.

In this final trick, you need to download a full Movie (Recommended 1980-2005) because these videos don’t have the content id.

After downloading the movie, Split the movie into 4 to 5 parts by windows movie maker and upload them on to your YouTube channel. Internal link each of them and mention each continuity part link in the description.

You can Get thousand lakh views and you will be the richest one among all of your friends.

These are the Top 3 Best Methods to Earn Money from YouTube. Try these methods and put a comment here.

I am here to share few more money earning tricks(If any new method Kindly suggests me by commenting below).

I truly appreciate your patience. Kindly Stay Tuned to our website to know some more best methods to earn money…!!

Vamshikrishna :

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  • This is a great topic.
    I have a question if you would like to share with me on how to make 100 rival video? what is the trick to get away from Youtube ID Content?
    why window movie maker is your option to edit the footage?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for responding.
      Make 100 Rival Videos is not a small thing. Need put a lot of effort. My suggestion is download 100+videos and Cut them into small pieces which should be >=30seconds then after attach the cut pieces(Collect one clip from one video) and make a video with the length of 5 Minutes. Windows Movie maker is basic video editing tool where everyone can do it.