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The Mumbai based startup, APPS DAILY raised $2 Million in Bridge round of funding from the existing investors KALAHARI CAPITAL, QUALCOMM VENTURES, RUSSIAN VENTURE CAPITAL FUND ru-NET and ZODIUS TECHNOLOGY with Ambrosia Infotech Ltd participated in the round.
APPS DAILY was founded in 2008 by ARUN MENON and AJAY MENON.APPS DAILY is the mobile protection utility app which protects users mobile from theft, damage, virus and data loss.Past the company came with the brand name as ONWARD MOBILITY later it is re-branded as APPS DAILY.It is started with 4 employees and now it as about 3500 employees working.
The massive advantage of APPS DAILY is that the user can come to the store if they have a problem.Apart from GOOGLE and APPLE stores which also have a virtual presence.
In 2015, the company has raised $16 million in series C round of funding led by ZODIUS CAPITAL, with participation from the existing customers.Apart from that it has $5 million in series B round of funding and $4 million series A round of funding and $1 Million from around dozen of angel investors and seed stage investor Blume ventures in 2010.
According to the CISCO report, in the next few years, the smartphone users expected to reach 651 million which make India as the largest global first mobile internet market.The development services of a Mobile app will also grow at least 5 times faster than the IT Organisations ability to deliver them.The mobile app services will be the part of India’s internet growth.

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