If you are doing some business online and not living in the US, Canada, Uk or a few other countries, I’m sure one of your biggest issues is looking for the best Paypal alternative.

Paypal is unarguably the most widely used payment processor on the Internet today. What makes it most attractive is security and ease of use. Integrating Paypal payment button on your website or even on a very complex shopping card is with no stress.

Over the years, Paypal has worked extremely hard to gain the attention of many online business owners and Internet Marketers. As a matter of fact, some buyers will not buy on an online shop where Paypal is not an option.

I remember when I created my first WSO on the WarriorForum. Due to issues with my paypal account, I moved to 2co and sales dropped by about 30%. Though 2co is one of the best paypal alternatives, it still has a lot ahead to catch up.

What is the best Paypal Alternative?

I mentioned above that I tried 2co and there was a drop in sales. However, I think 2co still stands as the best option for marketers out of countries covered by Paypal.

Integrating and getting 2co to function on my site was not without difficulties though. The main reason was that my shopping cart was custom made. However, I soon got help from the support forum and my shop was setup in a matter of hours.

However, if you are into some make money online niche, 2co won’t be your choice. As per their TOS, this is not accepted.

2co Checkout page Paypal Option

What makes 2checkout a bit more comfortable is their support for Paypal on the checkout page. That means buyers can still bypass the credit/debit card option and make payment with their Paypal accounts. The only issue I find a bit of a deterrent is the fact that the paypal option comes up after filling a form. I think many more buyers would love just hitting the Paypal option without having to fill any form. Any buyer data needed is available through PayPal IPN facility.

NB: This (my) issue might have been updated though. I have not verified to confirm the current checkout options.

2co Fees

This is an area that I know picks the interest of almost everyone. What does 2co charge per transaction? Is there any setup fee?

Yes, there are transactions charges and a non refundable application fee. Look at the image below or step over to their website for more. However, you can waive that application fee with coupon code ETS2CO

2checkout Cash Out

It’s one thing to earn money online and another to be in physical possession of your money. 2checkout pays through Bank transfers, Check and most comfortably Payoneer.

I think the most important thing with online business is being able to withdraw your earnings any time any where. While 2co does not pay merchants daily, there is a weekly transfer of funds to sellers. In my case, it used to happen on Thursdays.

Why I  love the payoneer option is the fact I can use my Payoneer Master Debit Card for some more online transactions.

I can also receive funds from Clickbank, eBay, CJ, Paypa, etc into my Payoneer MasterCard through their flexible US Payment Service.

My clients can pay directly to my MarsterCard. Though at the moment, I have an ugly experience where my private load limit is set to $400 per month. Quite below what I receive from individual clients. I hope they do something to make this more flexible as it’s a big factor that takes down their value.

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Apply for a free Payoneer MarsterCard right this moment and get $25 free into your account.

Do you have an option you think is the best paypal alternative? Let me hear from you in the comment box below

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