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Swiggy-One of the Popular Food-Order Application

SWIGGY  one of the popular food order application where we can get our favorite food from favorite our restaurants. The SWIGGY built a bridge platform between customer and restaurants. The founders of SWIGGY are RAHUL JAIMINI, SRIHARSHA MAJETY and NANDAN REDDY. The idea behind the SWIGGY is that struggle with cooking at home after work hours is a tough task. The founders of SWIGGY made an attempt by the delivery of food from your nearer restaurants to your doorstep. Let’s know the complete story about Swiggy one of the food order application.

Founders of Swiggy One of the Popular Food order Application


The idea of three people made customers to get their favorite food from their favorite restaurants easily. This App was first implemented in the cosmopolitan city BANGLORE later it spread to all over top urban cities in India. The SWIGGY gave over 12000+ Employment opportunities in our country in the year 2015. SWIGGY one of the best application where you can get your favorite food easily.

There are two ways to get your favorite food one way is that paying the money for the application. The second way is that paying the money after you get a delivery. The SWIGGY keeps track of status after the food is ordered and till it delivers to the ordered customer. And also provides a status of delivery estimation time.

The  SWIGGY one of the popular food application earned $2million funding from the Accel partners and SAIF partners. The ordered food was delivers to the customer with the strain of customer. Successfully the application was running all over the country.

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