Why Laravel is the best PHP framework for Web development?

Laravel is one of the most useful PHP frameworks, preferred by many developers. It is an open source, free framework and based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Taylor Otwell created it and the initial release was on June 9, 2011, to facilitate developers to create responsive and beautiful web applications. Laravel is hosted on GitHub and […]

Free Download Magisk Apk on Android Rooted | Install Magisk App

The word magisk is meant to be magical in English. Yes of course this application is named magisk application because using this application you can play Pokemon Go on rooted android and iOS devices. Don’t you feel it to be magical. If you want to download tweaked and updated version of Pokemon Go then Download […]

MovieBox for Windows PC: Recreation, Rejuvenation, Refreshment

As far as the modern lifestyle is concerned, it is a very fast moving one. This is as true of modern entertainment as well. For some time now, we have been dependant on various paid applications which take a sizeable amount of money for letting people watch their favorite shows and movies. Indeed, there is […]

Best Bluetooth Speakers: 3 Models Which Might be a Treat to Your Ears

It is going to be difficult to spot a human being on this planet who does not like to listen to music. So that tells us that music is something that almost each and everyone listens to. And that has been going for a long time. However, a drastic change can be noticed in the […]


The Worldwide Developers conference was held on Monday[June 5,2017] at San Jose, California. In this event, Apple had revealed all the software and hardware details of its upcoming gadgets. Lets have a look over here….!!! Apple previews its existing & upcoming Software as well as upcoming Hardware details in this event. Lets have detailed look […]


The truecaller, by the month of 28 March 2017, disclosed an important agreement to combine Google Duo, a high-quality video calling feature, not over the Truecaller app. This will make an essential communications layer that establishes the value of Truecaller�s fiercely well-known caller ID, and spam blocking app before used by more than 250 million […]