Oyo Rooms


    Oyo is the application which was developed by 21-year young man RITESH AGARWAL who raised Earning $100 Million from Soft bank. Oyo Rooms is the best application to book hotel stay before a month or a week.The application was started with one city and one hotel in the Gurgaon on May, 2013 and later it was spread to all over India. Now, it is in 170+ cities with 4000+ hotels are under OYO application.

      This application provides the people to select the budgeted hotels in the country. This application provides standardized hotels with features such as Air Condition, TV, Breakfast, and Wi Fi with 24/7 customer service support. OYO’s budget ranges from RS.999 to RS.4000 where a middle class family can spend their money with high standardized facilities for their needs.

Oyo Rooms

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      The OYO Rooms is the application which was started by youngest Indian RITESH AGARWAL he is the founder and CEO who owns all the rights towards the application. The success behind this OYO Rooms – “He was born on 16 NOVEMBER, 1993 in BISSAM CUTTACK. He started learning coding at the age of 8 years by taking books from his cousin brother. when he was 17-years man he started his entrepreneurial journey. He dropped out from the college   and started ORAVEL Pvt.Ltd in the year 2012. ORAVELwas designed with all listings and booking of budget and premium accommodations. Later, he realized that there was lack of budget hospitality. Therefore, later ORAVEL named as OYO Rooms with the key proposition offered budget and standardized accommodations. For this idea he got a fellowship in THEIL FELLOWSHIP which was a two-year program started by PAYPAL founder, PETR THEIL in 2013. By this he earned $100,000 which helps for his start-up. For developing this OYO, he won BUSINESS YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR AWARD and TIE-LUMIS ENTREPRENEURIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD and most recently he has named by Forbes in its 30 UNDER 30 list in the consumer tech sector. He is the most Youngest INDIAN ENTREPRENEUR who started his earnings in DECEMBER 2012 and later in MARCH 2015,he raised to $25 Million by the sponsors LIGHT SPEED, SEQUOIA and others. After in JULY 2015, he raised it to the $100 million from LIGHTSPEED. OYO Rooms was founded to solve the problem of the lack of Predictability, Availability, Affordability and Accessibility at budget stays. Recently he started OYO Rooms in MALAYSIA.

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