As far as the modern lifestyle is concerned, it is a very fast moving one. This is as true of modern entertainment as well. For some time now, we have been dependant on various paid applications which take a sizeable amount of money for letting people watch their favorite shows and movies. Indeed, there is no dearth of such apps. That being said, MovieBox for Windows PC is one free app which everyone must consider. For, while being entirely free, it offers every last feature which its paid counterparts do.

MovieBox for PC: Main Features
As we said, this app is free and there are no hidden charges or subscription fees. There are no hidden terms and conditions. This is why it is one of our most favorite applications.
Unlike many similar applications, which proclaim to have the same features as the MovieBox app, there are both features on board. You may choose to stream your favorite content while you are on the go, or you can download your favorite content and keep them for later viewing. This is essential as sometimes one does not have access to a public hotspot long enough for them to stream their favorite content in its entirety. In those cases, one may choose to download their favorite content instead.
Unlike many other claimants to the throne, MovieBox for Windows PC will let you store downloaded files in multiple formats. That means that you have access to such diverse file types like MP4, MKV, and FLV, as well as movie-only files like AVI, WMV, and MOV. Having the MP4 file format supported means that you can choose to have high-quality content in a low size, which is a good thing considering how much storage space costs nowadays.
Lastly, we must inform you that we have sifted through a number of such apps and till now, we find that the user interface of the MovieBox app is by far the simplest one. To put a long story short, you do not need to be a tech wizard to access the many features this application offers.
MovieBox for Windows PC: Steps to Install
Since this is an Android-only file, MovieBox app is found in an Apk format. In order to use it on the Windows platform, we need an Android emulator, which fools the Windows platform and makes it work like an Android platform. We use the Nox App Player emulator in this instance.
• Download the Nox App Player. Install it.
• Now, download the latest Apk file of the MovieBox application.
• Go to the ‘Toolbar’ section on the Nox App Player emulator.
• Click on the option which says ‘Add Apk.’
• If a dialogue box appears, click on ‘I know.’
• Reboot your device.
• You are now done.
• Note: Make sure you have connected your PC to the mains before you proceed with the steps.
Final Words
We believe that with the MovieBox for Windows PC application, you will have the very latest of technology at your fingertips. Remember to scroll towards the ‘latest’ section to be up to speed with all new releases.

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