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Is your detestation about typing on mobiles/tablets screen?. Here is the new peripheral i.e., Portable Bluetooth keyboard. Sit relax and chat with your friends
and it is also most useful and most important component for the people who are writing the articles  and people who travel regularly.

In use, the keyboard connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet, with a range of 6-8 meters. The layout is exactly what you expect from a Windows laptop, albeit with a fold down the middle. The keys have proper spring action, and there is enough space between them for your fingertips to differentiate. When it is time to move, the keyboard folds like a clamshell so as to protect the keys, and halve in size. In this folded state, it becomes genuinely pocketable. For anyone who needs to edit documents regularly, this keyboard is a wise investment.

Here is the sample video how it will be and how it will work.

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