Hike is one of the most popular MESSENGER in India which was launched in December 2012 by SATISH BALA.In 2013,it has raised $7 Million in its first round of funding by SOFT BANK and BHARTI ENTERPRISES.It is joint venture between BHARTI ENTERPRISES AND SOFT BANK.Now the HIKE messenger has got funding of about $175 Million funding from TENCENT and FOXCONN.

The series D funding is the largest and it reaches over $1.4 Billion(total fundings).Hike wasn’t shared its new funding with the existing investors SOFT BANK and BHARTI ENTERPRISES. The Hike uses its new round of funding to invest in SERVICES, OFFICE SPACE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING and VR, said KAVIN MITTAL, CEO @HIKE.

TENCENT helps HIKE to leverage in the MESSENGER platform in INDIA.TENCENT owns WECHAT which is the largest MESSENGER in CHINA with over 1 Billion of users.

FOXCONN is the largest electronics contract manufacturing Multi-National Company which is headquartered at TAIWAN.

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