On wonderful Wednesday, Researchers revealed important security flaws that rely on modern processors. Most of the processor manufacturers INTEL, AMD and ARM responded to researchers. Intel is going to release a new software update to all of its modern processor systems whereas AMD and ARM said, these flaws don’t affect much of their processors. Now you need to know how to protect your PC from Spectre and Meltdown Flaws?. Let’s get into the story.

How to Protect Your PC from Spectre and Meltdown flaws?

Everyone was now curious to protect their PC from these Spectre and Meltdown Flaws. Let’s first start with Android Phones.

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Protect your Android Phone

Already Google announced its new Updated on Jan 5, which as a lot of consequences, helps to protect your smartphone from all the recent security flaws.  In future Updates, it also fixes some other minor flaws presently what it is facing.

If you are the user of Google Smartphones (Nexus and Pixel) then Google automatically sends an update to that smartphones.

Coming to other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi etc are slow to fix these security flaws in a timely manner. Check out Top 10 Best Android Smartphones Under Rs.10,000

iPhones and iPads

Most of the Apple devices now updated with new version IOS 11.2 which enables protection from some of the vulnerabilities. The new version is released on Dec 2, 2017, includes a lot of consequences.

How to Check the Update in Apple iPhones

Settings–> General–>About–>look for version

If your iPhone is not updated then

Setting–>General–> check for new Software Updates


Microsoft recently released a security update for its latest Windows 10 operating system which helps to mitigate the current security flaws.

How to Check the new updates in Windows 10?

Image Source: PCWorld

Start–>Settings–>Update & Security–>Windows Updates Click on “Update Status” button if it is already updated (Security Update for Windows (KB4056892)) then your system doesn’t get any updates if not you need to update it. You can download your security patch here

This all updates is to escape from Meltdown Flaw.

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Update Your Browsers

Why you need to update your browsers is to escape from Spectre flaw.

Microsoft updated its browsers Edge and Internet Explorer along with Windows 10. Aside Mozilla Firefox also wrapped up some vulnerability to a recent security update. Google Chrome has made “site isolation” which is an optional experimental feature. Goto the mentioned URL: chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process and enable the “Strict site Isolation” which is going to launch on Jan 23, 2018.

Image Source: PCWorld

Activate Your Antivirus

Recently researchers announced Spectre and Meltdown Security flaws where attackers can access the sensitive data without any permission. Even if your antivirus is active, the data loss will occur without any privileges. AntiVirus companies are also working on the recent flaws which may soon get updates. Update your Antivirus and protect your PC.

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Finally, Don’t forget to protect your PC.

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