How To Create YouTube Channel with Gmail Account ?

YouTube is one of the second largest search engines in the world. Nowadays people are so crazed about YouTube channels than normal television channels. Some of them are running an office with their different niche YouTube Channels. You are more curious to know how to create YouTube Channel? If you have one working Gmail account then it is very easy to create YouTube channel. Let’s get into the story now.!

As we all are addicted to Google and YouTube because we are getting better search results from those top search engines. These top search engines also pay you via Google Adsense(One of the Google’s Advertising Program for Publishers) for that reason most of the people will create YouTube channel and earns money from that channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

If you have Gmail Account then it is easy to create YouTube Channel if you don’t have then click here to create Gmail Account.

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Steps to Create YouTube Channel

Step1: Goto: https://www.youtube.com/ then Click Sign in button.

Step 2: Enter Your Log-in Credentials (Gmail Credentials).

Step 3: Then Goto Right Top Corner on to your Icon and click on it. You will get Drop down list like below,

Step 4: After that click on Creator Studio button which is second in the row.

Step 5: Then after you will see dashboard like Create a channel

Step 6: After that click on Use a Business name or Other Name

Note: if you are okay with your First name and Last Name then don’t click on “Use a Business name or Other Name” and click Continue

Step 7: Then Click on Create and after that goto Channel which is on 5 Row in the left side list.

Step 8: Verify your Channel by Clicking on “VERIFY” button by entering your Mobile Number.

Now, You Channel is Ready where You Can Upload your Videos and reach your goals. Nowadays most of them creating the YouTube channel Just for Earnings purpose. Earning from YouTube is not that easy.

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