The Hold of Digital Marketing in the Year 2018

It is a far proven fact that digital marketing is the savior of the marketing industry and since its existence, the world has seen how every industry is shaping its path and finding its way to the top of the mountain. The age of being customer-centric is already here and as the majority of the satisfaction of a customer is getting dependent on the experience, the digital transformation of the marketing industry is showing its potential importance.

The year 2017 is near to the end and by this time we have seen that how every human on the planet is adapting to the need for high-end digital gadgets such as smartphones. With how the use of these gadgets has taken over, digital marketing has surely transformed itself into a separate industry. Let’s check what’s next in the Digital Marketing in 2018.

Why choose digital marketing over Traditional marketing?

The answer to this question is simple, the game is over for the traditional marketing industry. Yes, surely it was one of the most anticipated tools used by all the major companies across the globe but this is not the case anymore. Traditional marketing is one of the most expensive tools used today by any company. It takes time for a message to be delivered and of course finding the right audience for your product or service is the most difficult thing to do.

The case for digital marketing is totally opposite. It saves time and majorly it saves a lot of money. The risk of failure is relatively low since you have a better eye for your targeted audience. Since everything is online the most important and the best part about choosing digital marketing over traditional marketing is the availability of every kind of information on the go making it easy for every customer, be it an individual, a company or an industry itself.

What does it take to become a top-notch Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency covers all those points which were known to be loopholes when traditional marketing was worshiped as a lord. A top-notch digital marketing agency, first of all, has to make sure that they maintain a smooth and positive relationship with their clients and provide customized solutions to their customers.

A digital marketing company covers various branches such as design and development of websites, software development, digital marketing services, corporate branding and development of mobile applications. Development of websites and mobile applications has led the digital marketing to showcase its actual potential.

What does Digital Marketing have to offer?

Digital marketing itself is divided into 6 different areas which are monitored by industry specialist to make sure that everything is going smoothly according to the plan. Digital marketing includes Pay per click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), E-mail marketing, mobile App marketing and reputation management.

Each of these branches is associated with finding the right target audience for the specific marketed product or service. Digital marketing is one of the highly anticipated terms to be used and acknowledged by the professionals. Each of these services is recognized to reach every one of their customers even if they are on the go. Based upon the discussion carried out by the world’s leading CMOs, here are the highlighted trends of digital marketing in the year 2018.

The role of mobile in next-gen CX

The smartphone industry has evolved over the period of time, it is fascinating to see how a simple communication model has enhanced its horizon and has expanded its services to cater different type of communication channels such as purchasing. According to Forrester in the year 2018, marketers need to put more emphasis on understanding how the modern day customers are interacting with the latest devices.

These high-end smartphones are considered to be adopting the role of central conductor. Which demonstrate that a smartphone is the most convenient and quick tool to bridge the gap between a customer and a firm. All the firms who are already operating on a smart level should invest heavily in the technology sector.

Regaining customer trust

In order to win back the trust which a firm has lost, it must try to own brand value and offer a personalized, discrete and genuine experience.

In the modern world, the marketers have access to a huge amount of data and deploy different analytic tool to have a better understanding of their customers. However, relying too much on the data becomes rigid. For this, we need to be very careful while using digital tools. The same template can’t be used to serve a different kind of customers. Following the template may result in losing authenticity which is the major craving of a customer.

Expect greatness from AI and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are expected to grow more than 50% from what it is now in the upcoming two years. According to a prediction, the entire business content will be managed by machines by the end of 2018, this makes machine learning as one of the most important element to be considered by then.

Artificial Intelligence, will be used to streamline all the major marketing process and will give a rise to the new marketing observer, who will be responsible for scrutinizing technology and automation output to ensure quality assurance and experience.


For all the firms who are playing smartly, it is very important to adopt and use digital marketing to its optimum level. The trend of using digital marketing is sloping upwards and will be essential for almost every firm to utilize.

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