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GOOGLE is named that was selected from googol, that is 10 to a power of 100.It is an American multinational technology company specializing in internet related services. Google name is selected to deliver a large scale search engine capable of managing millions of queries per day.

      Google is started in 1997 with limited search engines, later it was improved and announced as an incorporated company on 4th September 1998.  It is constructed to help growing list of people who use world wide web.There are many automated search engines designed in it. It is designed in such a way that it can answer to any kind of queries.The main goal of Google is to provide answers for every query that users.

            GOOGLE made life easy. Anyone can access any information from the Google search engine.instead of using yahoo many are using google for easily accessing data.
The idea behind the page rank is much similar to the popularity contest.Page rank is an algorithm that calculates a site importance base on external links pointing to it.
        Page rank formula is quite simple to calculate
        Without google, life has become so difficult.There are so many get rick quick IM products centered around for getting to the top of Google in a week.The most important part is that they use tactics that may get you some early results but will eventually result in you being dropped from the results. If you want really to build a proper business and achieve good organic listings. Then it’s important to keep in mind what the essence of Google is. Why it was developed, why it is so successful and why it continues to grow. A good SEO consultant will understand how best to promote the site in Google, which in turn helps website attract more traffic and keep it coming back !!
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