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Google’s New Feature Shows the Wait-Time for Restaurants

Google announced its new feature, where it shows the wait-time for 1 Million Restaurants based on the Historical data. Where can you find the wait time? How hassle free it is? Let’s know…!!!

Most of the times people used to wait for a long time for a seat at Popular restaurants. In that situation people had only two choices: One, they should wait and the second option is to “give up”. Now Google has come up with the solution where the user can find current waiting time of Restaurants.

Starting Today, user able to see this new feature. Now, you can type Restaurant name in Local Search on your Mobile or Desktop. Google also enabled this feature for popular Grocery Stores.

How Google’s New Feature Shows the Wait-Time for Restaurants

To access this new feature, now type the Local Restaurant name in the Google Search Box and you can find few local listing results. Click one among your choice of resulted local listings. Now Click on the Hours bar of the time you want to go to the Restaurants and you can get the estimated waiting time from Google. Now, you can figure out WHAT to eat.

Google’s New Feature shows the wait time of Restaurants
Image Source: Huffingtonpost

New Innovation of Google helps users to spend less time in the Grocery store.

Google’s new feature is now enabled for Restaurants and Grocery Stores. In 2015, Google search results show the Busiest times for Businesses and Public Places. Back in 2016, it also introduced the featured time bars.

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