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The truecaller, by the month of 28 March 2017, disclosed an important agreement to combine Google Duo, a high-quality video calling feature, not over the Truecaller app. This will make an essential communications layer that establishes the value of Truecaller�s fiercely well-known caller ID, and spam blocking app before used by more than 250 million users worldwide.

Altogether with news of this combination, Truecaller disclosed an entirely new renovation of the Android app, and at present with an extensive array of useful features. From the starting, we have processed refined to frame a product that aids in simplifying communications for consumers across the universe, and assist them in addressing essential wants like ensuring the existence of those calling and blocking irrelevant numbers.

With expensive partners like Google, we are inspired to take the next step in our progress, emerging all the mobile communications under one summit and offering the safest, and most appropriate experience likely without having to change back and forth, says Nami Zarringhalam, Truecaller Co-founder.

Video calling should task for everyone, disregarding of what platform they are on. Our desire is to make video calling feature as the best says Amit Fulay, Google Head of Duo. With this Truecaller combination, we�re capable of bringing a better video calling involvement to millions of new users.

The new attention of Truecaller is persistent with its current obligation to offer a safe and profitable experience for millions of smartphone users who�ve become largely discontented by the increasing problem of spam calls and texts from unknown users.

Now as one of the well developing mobile apps in the world, Truecaller rests at the center of your mobile phone experience assisting you to connect with the person who signifies, in the method you need to communicate, while averting calls and texts from those you don�t.

Google Duo is a video calling app that ensures the complication out of video calling. The service has been created to be fast and trustworthy, with a single button push for joining with other users. Truecaller combination with Google Duo will be accessible in the forthcoming months for Android and iOS as consent -based service, where users will be capable of opt-in and out at any time.

The Sweden-based firm True caller has become the most popular mobile app which assists people in eliminating the undesirable phone calls and messaging.  On the other hand, it is now building itself to become most popular application than before. At the press event, Truecaller�s the greatest market depending on its active users; the firm disclosed a series of partnerships.

This, in turn, includes a relationship with Google which will examine the U.S. firm�s Duo, recently launched video calling facilities combined into the Truecaller app. The True caller app, is devoted to contending aggravating calls, is likely to become more than that. Simultaneously, the Duo tie-in, the True caller is improving the app by combining the True messenger, its two-year-old service for accomplishing messaging effective and handling spam.

By now, in India, Truecaller for Android will go from being a popular app different to a service that can manage calls as well as SMS and video calls. Apart from this, the True caller application is also initiating payments. The firm has collaborated with ICICI Bank to facilitate end-to-end payments amidst Truecaller users.

ICICI Bank is offering the technology at the bottom of the service, Truecaller accustomed. Further, building the essential licenses for the service, the bank is using India�s UPI payment system to empower it. Truecaller Pay will accessible to users of any bank in India, both parties said.

India has played a huge role for the change we bring to the users. As our product has advanced, so has India as a retail which made it more fundamental than ever to accomplish more meaningful services on top of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi, CEO of Truecaller said in a statement in TechCrunch. Thereby, video calls, text messages, and payments that sounds like the fundamental of a mobile platform in edge with services such as WeChat, Line, and Kakao.

A Truecaller spokesperson revealed to TechCrunch that the firm isn�t enabling its service clear to third parties at this moment, but it is barred to combining other services where it examines a match. Moreover, the firm is first presenting these features in India but it isn�t decreasing the potential to offer a comparable contribution in other parts of the world.

If people can able to find success with these kinds of services in India, then we could portray a comparable model in other markets, Kim Fai Kok, director of communications at Truecaller, told TechCrunch. There are a lot of chance in retail like Kenya and Nigeria, but we need to centralize and make sure we acquire the first rise right.

Truecaller is far from the only firm hitting the possibility around mobile platforms in India, which is a key factor for the growth of technology. The nation�s online population is suggested to arrive at about 465 million people by June 2017, with respect to a current report generated by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, multiplying the audience of probably online shopping customers.

China and the U.S. at present influence in terms of e-commerce occupying, but the estimation of online sales in India is likely to reach $48 billion by 2020, analyst firm Forrester demands. The countries are Whatsapp biggest single market worldwide with over 200 million active users. That reputation has made it essential to the service�s much-foreseen monetization ideas, which may be verified in India first.

On the latest visit in India, Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton said that Whatsapp would examine the opportunities around �exploited messaging� and digitals payments when the time approaches. Whatsapp to the side, there is also Hike, the native firm currently valued at $1 billion once it built a $175 million capital round led by WeChat maker Tencent.

The hike is ensuring Whatsapp with an intention on messaging. Since it has been more contentious bolstering into related services such as games, news, and stickers, Hike hasn�t disclosed its effective user base in India. That�s inciting review that the numbers aren�t notably powerful. That boosts an amusing point about Truecaller�s measure to develop into a platform. The firm isn�t contending with Whatsapp.

Rather, it is presenting a different first scheme which separates troublesome spam calls and messages which could give it a support as it intent to find obligating with these new features. Nevertheless, with an affluence of payment options earlier in the market, it�ll be alluring to see how the new Truecaller service cost against the obligatory.

More extensively, an association with Truecaller is an indirect admission from Google that it is seeking to find a crowd for its most recent messaging apps, Duo and Allo. Regardless of product value, Google is years behind the messaging and calling app space, which Whatsapp governs in India and many other rising markets.

Augmenting with Truecaller is a reasonable shift for both, but once more it rests to be visible if the mixture can split the network effect that has made Whatsapp, which sums up voice calls in 2015 and video calls in the most recent year, the world�s most profitable messaging service with furthermore one billion end users.

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