A 22-years old security researcher “Accidentally” halted the spread of RANSOM-WARE Malicious Software where many organisations are affected by this Malicious one. Lets find out what is RANSOM-WARE? How it will affect the system? and many more….!!!!


Ransom-Ware is an malicious software where it will block users to the access the data and asks for the money to have access the data. In a single line, the data will be not under our control. The whole process is called “Cryptovirology”. 

Lets find here how an young man halted this malicious global attack…!!!

Malware Tech” blogger,After hearing to Ransom-Ware the rogue software, he started doing research on this cyber attack. He managed to what appeared to be an “kill-switch” in the Crook Software code. After Overnight interview with the BBC , he revealed how he find this code? How he stopped spreading to a new computers?
Even though it did not made changes in the Ransom-ware software but it has been stopped spreading to a new computers, Now whole world yet to called him an “ACCIDENTAL HERO”.

What did he discover ?

The young man first noticed that the malicious software first trying to contact a specific address every time which was affected to a new a computer. But the web address which hasn’t been registered consists of Long Jumbled Words.
In simple words, its a chain system which haven’t been stopped by anyone but by god’s grace , the “ACCIDENTAL HERO” have stopped spreading all over globe.
But he warned in his blog “MALWARE TECH” that we have stopped spreading this virus but another one coming which is unstoppable.


Nope….!!! it has been stopped only spreading from one device to other device. But sad news is that we can’t repair the infected systems.
Even the Security Experts have warned that malware should be ignored that “KILL SWITCH” occurs.
There is no reason to stop them even though they have lots of money. There may be a chance of changing the code within fraction of days and start over….!!!


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