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Do you want to know what is happening in your city? Do you want to get Latest updates of your city?  Then what are waiting for if you have an Andriod Mobile and Whatsapp in it then go for the application COMET BROADCAST? Yes, this application is a chat radio which gives latest updates of your city at your FINGERTIPS.

By this application, you can get latest updates on Weather Forecasts, Traffic updates of different Areas from your city, songs, and videos through WHATSAPP. The WHATSAPP users are targeted to get updates in WhatsApp only but the interface is COMET BROADCAST. The reason behind targeting WhatsApp users is,”compare to other messengers like hike and Facebook, WhatsApp has more active users in India.” This is the reason to get updates of your city on fingertips.
The founder of COMET BROADCAST is GOKUL DAS MENON. Recently, the founder communicated with NASSCOM and launched this application in HYDERABAD. The T-HUB is biggest IT incubator in India gives support to the Young “COMET BROADCAST” application for further development.
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