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In some ways, selfie-snapping drones seems a natural progression from outstretched arms and ever-lengthening selfie sticks. It doesn’t matter what kind of reach these tactics afford you. want to know more about your selfie drone

It will always pale in comparison to that of a flying camera. Roam-e is the latest drone to take aim at self-portraiture, and armed with facial recognition technology it is designed in a way that always keep you in the frame.
The camera sets on a single-axis gimbal and shoots stills at five megapixels. Duffell tells us that it both records and streams video to the paired mobile device. The drone runs on swappable batteries and  it take two hours to charge.
        Earlier we have seen a number of drones designed to take selfies to new heights. While these have all taken different approaches to the same problem, one thing they all have in common is that you can’t actually buy them yet. This makes it a little hard for anyone to vouch for their high-flying automated selfie skills, so until these things start to land in the hands of consumers it’s probably a little early to go turfing your selfie stick.
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