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      Facebook Aquila Drone is announced recently at F8 conference in San Francisco. It is first hardware plan to use the beam down internet access  to  the billions of people.’

       Facebook Aquila Drone is designed very lightly and it weighs less than a small car.it is embedded with solar panels on its wings.It flies in sky .It makes communication with people on whole planet.It flies up to 60,000 to 90,000 feet from planet and stays in sky for months.

       We have an idea of  2G,3G,4G internet, but many people around the world cannot able to access the internet. Recently we are using the 4G internet but even 3G internet cannot be accessed all over the world.
      In urban and dense urban areas, to access internet we are digging ditches, keeping cell phone towers and providing string fibers. which is most expensive and it costs billions.

     Facebook Aquila Drone can be easily accessed by all the people throughout the world. As the drone flies in the sky it communicates with its drone centers of internet relay stations of Facebook and it communicates with nearby Aquila drones by free space laser communication.It doesn’t require massive investment and infrastructure in order to affordably provide internet access, It can be accessed at minimum cost. Aquila drone wingspan is greater than 737 planes.
      The Facebook company has announced that the test flights will begin in this summer with broader rollout over several years.Facebook Aquila Drone can be made in use this year

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