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The biggest risk to travel in the metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and some other urban places in our country. The risk is that UNCOMFORTABLE traveling even though people are spending more travel expenses in their daily life. Detailed story about best app to travel in Hyderabad – Easy Commute.

Complete Story About Best App To Travel in Hyderabad – Easy Commute

To avoid this risk, RAHUL JAIN, MAYANK CHAWLA, and their team made an application where people can be COMFORTABLE to travel. The application named as EASY COMMUTE, the application name itself says that easy to travel from source to destination with all comfortable features that are provided in the application. 

Best App to Travel in HyderabadThe CEO says that to make easy and comfortable traveling in the metropolitan cities I and my team made this application. Presently, this application is working in the city HYDERABAD. In future, maybe it will spread to all over India. For every first user, we are providing 2-free rides and we are also providing the referral rides who can get free rides by referring.
The aim of this application is to make easy travel and comfort travel without any hesitation during travel time. This application has many features like security, comfort, Wi-Fi (4G), Budget and Air condition in the bus. Budget is also key feature because a middle-class people can also travel by using this application by spending low expenses and getting high comfort travel.
 There is no problem of buying the ticket and no problem of asking change and the guaranteed seat will provide while traveling. Ease Commute solves the problems of traveler’s  which are occurring during the travel time. By adding credits to your wallet you can get your ticket and a confirmed seat by making the payment with use of wallet provided in the application. That makes the traveler to travel easily from his/her source to destination points.

We Hope that the people of HYDERABAD will use this app service without any obligations and makes us to travel all over the country.

Best App to Travel in Hyderabad – Ease Commute Works?

Best App to Travel in Hyderabad

     First download the app from the play store. Register by filling-up a Registration form after the download. Now you will get a verification code and apply it during the verification. Now you can travel by selecting point pickup from the given pickup points and drop points in the App. Book and pay from E-wallet that was provided in the application. Finally, board the bus from your selected source point.

Best App to Travel in Hyderabad

 Best App to travel in Hyderabad : Features

Best App to Travel in Hyderabad

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