YouTube new Monetization Policy

YouTube New Monetization Policies 2018 | Computerszhub

Yesterday, Google Announced, YouTube new Monetization Policies which may affect a large number of YouTube Creators. On April 2017, YouTube announced new policy where YouTube creators have to cross 10,000-lifetime views to enable monetization. Now, YouTube changed the rules of money earning policy with the controversial issue “Suicide forest” of Logan Paul who is one of […]

Top 3 Android Apps for January 2018

Top 3 Android Apps for January 2018

There is no denying that the “Google Play” app store is like a galaxy of applications and software. With an outstanding figure, the sheer number of apps is overwhelming; however, it is hard to get them all on your smartphone at once. Consider, if you look at an app from Play Store every second, it […]

How to Protect Your System from Spectre and Meltdown flaws?

On wonderful Wednesday, Researchers revealed important security flaws that rely on modern processors. Most of the processor manufacturers INTEL, AMD and ARM responded to researchers. Intel is going to release a new software update to all of its modern processor systems whereas AMD and ARM said, these flaws don’t affect much of their processors. Now […]

what is a meltdown

What is a Meltdown? How does it affects the systems?

As we discussed spectre flaw is may affect only one single system processor but now we are going to discuss one of the worst hardware flaws which may affect other systems processors which is so-called Meltdown.Now We are going to discuss what is a meltdown? How does it affect the system? What processors are under this […]

What is Spectre? How does it affects your System?

Before going to know what is spectre? First, we need know some information about Processors(CPU). Let’s begin the story from processors. What is Processor? A processor is an Integrated Electronic Chip that performs the calculations to run a computer. A processor is also called as CPU(Central Processing Unit) which performs Arithmetic and Logic Operations, I/O […]

AT&T yet to launch Super Fast 5G Network by the end of 2018

AT&T yet to launch Super Fast 5G Network by the end of 2018

AT&T is yet to launch superfast 5G network by the end of 2018 in 23 urban cities. It has already announced its new 5G New Radio Specifications. But it’s not very specific about which devices will be the first adopt this high-speed network and also not revealed the markets of its launch. Story Behind AT&T […]

Google's New Feature shows the wait time for restaurants

Google’s New Feature Shows the Wait-Time for Restaurants

Google announced its new feature, where it shows the wait-time for 1 Million Restaurants based on the Historical data. Where can you find the wait time? How hassle free it is? Let’s know…!!! Most of the times people used to wait for a long time for a seat at Popular restaurants. In that situation people […]

Apple iPhone X

The Complete Overview of Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X was announced on 12th September at Apple Park, San Francisco. Now, this Friday is Apple’s day – the pre-order sales were out on the market. These Sales increased 3.7% of the Apple’s share value which touches the $900 billion. Apple Inc. is only the Us Company which had crossed the $900 Billion […]

Whatsapp new feature

WhatsApp New Feature : Delete From Everyone

WhatsApp is most Popular Messenger which has 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users. As We all know that any Popular Messenger does not have Delete option from the end user. Now, WhatsApp new feature is DELETE FROM EVERYONE. Let’s know more about this new feature..!!   WhatsApp New Feature Now you can delete your messages which […]