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BLOGBEATS has raised Pre-series A investment from MICHIGAN based consulting company. BlogBeats is a geo-location blogging platform which was founded by PRIYANK JAIN and LOKESH JAIN .

Blogbeats allows users to exchange information regarding places and interests which are encountered in their daily life. This platform works with the creation of blogs across 200+ categories which are targeted with their GEO-LOCATION and Time period. This platform is the big advantage for the people who used to get their events information in their location which can shared by SOCIAL MEDIA.

The users can create the beats as per their locations, by keying in text ,comments and multimedia text. The beats(information) can be about restaurants, weather, movies etc. This platform provides the users to know the events happening in their location and sharing it to others via social media.
“BlogBeats is the new platform of creating content for publishers and newbies alike from the digital content of present blogging” said by “LOKESH JAIN” AND “PRIYANK JAIN”.
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