Hello, geeks, We are back again with another new money earning trick. Many people want to earn money more easily and quickly. But in practice, it was not possible without a struggle. Now, you can see some tricky way to earn money more easily but some what quickly…!! Let’s get into the story “Best way to earn money through Amazon …!!!

Before going to the money earning trick, Lets have quick look over the needs. The requirements you to need are as follows:

1. An  unique E-mail Id [gmail, ymail, hotmail etc].

2. A website/blog or an Facebook Page with huge number of followers.

3. A PAN card

4. And Bank account details to withdraw the amount.

Now Lets get started “how you can earn through Amazon”..!!!

So, if you are now ready with the above mentioned requirements then look over here you will surely become the one of the Millionaire.

Amazon affiliate is the program where you can earn through Amazon. Reason why they are spending money on you? What is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Many questions are rolling around your mind. Lets clear the questions (if any comment below)


Amazon is one of the largest E-Commerce websites. Amazon contains a lot of products, and also Amazon markets the products through online and offline media channels. Amazon also pays the commissions for their product selling by the Publisher[you’re the publisher]. In simple, Market or sell the Amazon products through Online Media / Social Media Channels and get a commission from them, this process is called “AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING“.

Don’t hesitate…!!! now we are going to the process how we can create Amazon Affiliate Program? How to earn through Amazon…!!!

First i will talk about the registration process and then i will say some tricks to earn money through Amazon…!!!!


Follow These Steps :

Step 1: Go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/welcome/getstarted [You can Google it : Amazon Affiliate Program].

Step 2: Kindly Select the Country [Flag] which is right side of  “JOIN NOW FOR FREE ” and then after you need to click on JOIN NOW FOR FREE , you’ll be redirected to Joining Page.

Step 3: Enter the details[Email Id , Username, Password ] then click on Create Account button

Step 4: In the next step you need fill the Address and your Payee name and Mobile and Citizenship of your Country [US, UK etc].

Step 5: Next step is to enter your Website  URL or Mobile App Url [if any] even if you have an blog without custom url you can add it.

Step 6: This is the final step , Fill the Associate Id with website name or Your Name because this should be an unique id which will tracked in through the URL’s and Also select what type ads you need display on your website or Blog or Mobile App. and Finally agree the terms and conditions and click on FINISH button.

Now you’r Amazon Affiliate Account is Ready …!!!

Now Get Ready..!! Best way to earn money through Amazon

Lets go back to login page and Login with Email and Password into Amazon Affiliates.

The following page will displayed…!!!

Now search for the products which you want market in your Blog or Website or even in social media Channels.




Best way to Earn money through Amazon, Lets get into the tricks…!!!

Social Media is the Platform where we can earn money through Amazon affiliate Links. Simple trick is to join in the Facebook Largest Community Groups and place your Affiliate link with good and attractive images, you will surely get one sale per day. Because in today’s tech world everyone is looking to shop online.

If you have a blog or you are the owner of a website you can easily place the Affiliate link or you can write the articles related to the products which are selling highest in the Amazon.[Mostly Fashion Products and Books will high Commission rate[10% per sale].

My recent earnings with in a 3 days:

If you any queries kindly let us know through your Valuable comments…..!!!!

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