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The latest version of ANDROID is ANDROID Marshmallow which was officially released in the past May 2015 by Google. Compare to the old version lollipop some of the new features are upgraded in Marshmallow. Later in September the Google has unveiled with ANDROID MARSHMALLOW, alongside with in the Nexus phones.


The MARSHMALLOW is visually same as the past version of LOLLIPOP. But MARSHMALLOW is upgraded by its APPEARANCE and new FEATURES in it.

Setting Main UI areas of phone as shortcuts on home screen is enabled in the MARSHMALLOW. The main UI areas of any phone is Battery icon, Display settings, Data usage and WI FI which are disabled  to set shortcuts on home screen in the LOLLIPOP.

In the bottom of Lock screen it contains Dialer and camera options. The MARSHMALLOW updated with a GOOGLE VOICE SEARCH in place of Dialer in the past version. The voice search displays the four Google colors while speaking.

APP drawer is updated in the MARSHMALLOW where the apps are shown in the form of endless list instead of pages. The search box and scrubber bar is visible where we can drag the scrubber bar or we can search by using search box. The search box is at the top of apps and Scrubber bar is right side of apps.

Once System UI Tuner is enabled then this shows the battery percentage by using battery icon which is displayed on the bottom of the home screen. This is new application added in MARSHMALLOW to hide status bar and usage of the QUICK SETTINGS.

Easter egg is a re-branded version for MARSHMALLOW where Flappy bird clone is for LOLLIPOP. 200 new emoji are added in the MARSHMALLOW. The new emoji that were added are fabled unicorn, tasty taco and the hungry squirrel.

The best advantage of Android MARSHMALLOW is that it provides VOICE API assistance. As cortana in windows phone which provides complete voice assistance.

The another advantage of MARSHMALLOW is that DOZE which is used to saves your battery. When your device is not in use then DOZE will keeps your device in sleep mode which save battery of about 10-15 percent. App standby is similar to DOZE where the unused apps can be kept in deep sleep, which saves your battery of about 1-3 percent.

ANDROID MARSHMALLOW introduces FINGER PRINT API where many Nexus phones and Huawei phones are with this API where scanner is equipped while designing the hardware of these phones.
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ANDROID PAY is also introduced in MARSHMALLOW like as SAMSUNG PAY and iPHONE PAY.
MARSHMALLOW supports the REVERSING CHARGING AND TYPE-C where you can share your battery charging and data with your friends, family members and colleagues.

Double tap launch camera by the power button. By double tap of power button the camera will be launched.

The MARSHMALLOW is as same as the previous LOLLIPOP with some differences which are seen in the above context. MARSHMALLOW also provides same security features which were in the LOLLIPOP.

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