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          Alex wearable posture tracker is a device which is designed based on sensors. As we are using computers and laptops for long hours and most of us spend our day sitting over laptop and computers for a long time. After few hours of constant posture, we are tired and we start to adopt some flexible movements so that we can relax a bit.

A good posture is really important for healthy body and muscles. Incorrect posture can lead to mild to intense muscle spasms which are quite painful.
           well, now there is a innovative and attractive device which is designed to avoid these kind of problems. As all software employees and students and many are using laptops and PC for work for a long hours.
          Alex wearable posture tracker is useful device for avoiding pain.The Alex wearable posture tracker is worn at the back of the neck.

        It vibrates when the neck or head is placed in a constant posture too for a long time. Most of us improperly bend our neck while looking at the laptop or computer screen. This can lead to chronic muscle pain and nerve fatigue.      
    Alex wearable posture tracker doesn’t deal with pain but it intimates as the posture continues for hours.It also guides you if there is any improper tilting of head which can cause sprain in neck. It gives you a indication that the head posture is  not correct.
      There is a 3-axis sensor, located within the module which is worn against the neck . It is designed to record angle and motion. Alex features Bluetooth 4.0 LE to pair with mobile devices running the companion coaching app. The app is available for both iOS and Android. It provides sensor calibration, progress charts/graphs, and a view of one�s posture in real time.

        It is connected to App in mobile which gives alert message to user. It is easy and simple to wear. The design of the device is simple and comfortable so you won�t feel like  wearing it. The weight of the posture tracker is just 25 g.
      There is a in-built battery which can run up to seven days with 10 hours of constant use per day. The battery can be charged with a micro USB cable for just 2 hours. Internal memory is capable of storing up to four weeks of posture data at a time, with lifetime data accessible through the app and cloud storage. Alex wearable posture tracker will be available in market at minimum cost from month of june.

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