Today’s awesome cell phones guarantee to do it all, with IM and video calls, recreations and wellness trackers, dating and keeping money applications, every one of them continually bumping for our consideration. What’s more, 
once we’ve achieved our mental immersion point, we download applications to channel, streamline, or shut out that substance we’ve been devouring. 
That is the place the Light Phone comes in. This thin gadget, generally the span of a charge card, does only a certain something: phone calls. Digits shine on the smooth touch screen surface, giving you exactly what you have to associate, nothing more. (Alright, it tells the time as well�however that is it.) 
The phone, completely supported on Kickstarter in eight days, comes pre-stacked with minutes and a one of a kind number. When you set up call sending with your normal phone, you can take this one out and about with you and leave your application substantial block at home. No more messages, no more notices. The gadget’s smooth, sparkling interface which holds a charge for 20 days seems as though it originated from the cutting edge universe of Iron Man or Minority Report, however, its straightforwardness will fulfill a Luddite. 
Makers Kaiwai Tang and Joe Hollier, who met at a plan hatchery, say the Light Phone is “intended to be utilized as meager as could reasonably be expected,” so you can concentrate on what’s vital what’s going on directly before you. 
The makers’ gauge that the $100 phone will be accessible available to be purchased next summer

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