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The education platform in India is changing rapidly. Today, you see Indian students preferring digital learning over conventional education tools like books. Out of 4 Indian students, 3 are reading eBooks on their tablets. Looking at the changing education market, TutorsWeb launched its eLearning platform to simplify and make eLearning accessible to all. The digital platform is expected to grow from its current USD 90 billion to USD 344 billion by 2019.
TutorsWeb was well received by the student and teachers� community as it attempts to bridge the gap between them. TutorsWeb offers advanced tools to hold online sessions. The good thing is the access to tools is completely free. TutorsWeb differs from other online education platforms because it has taken a social route by acting as a hassle-free facilitator in terms of knowledge exchange. Anyone interested in sharing their expertise or guiding young generation can register and offer online tuition by using tools available at TutorsWeb.
TutorsWeb is popular among students as it offers one-to-one learning. This characteristic of the digital learning platform encourages students to actively participate in the process of learning. Unlike traditional classrooms, students can freely ask questions and get their doubts cleared by talking to their tutors in one-to-one interaction. Using TutorsWeb platform also means they have additional time for learning that is otherwise spent on commuting.
The founder of TutorsWeb Mr. Ram Talluri� has expressed satisfaction with the growth of online education and popularity of TutorsWeb. The primary objective of launching TutorsWeb was making online education accessible to all irrespective of their financial status. Currently, TutorsWeb is offering more than 1500 courses in latest IT technologies, soft skill development, robotics, CBSE subjects and much more. There are more than 500 skilled TutorsWeb registered on this digital learning platform. If you want some useful educational tips, you can visit TutorsWeb website or its Facebook page.

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