5 Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone X Users

Apple is one of the biggest smartphone company which is launched and released its new Flagship Mobile which contains advanced features in it and named it as Apple iPhone X also called Apple iPhone 10. Apple has changed a lot of features which are more advanced. Even if you are an old User of Apple iPhone, it’s somewhat difficult to handle this new iPhone X. Because the User Control gestures are completely new and it consists of the Full-screen display with no Home Screen button. Here we are mentioning 5 tips and tricks for Apple iPhone users – How to Use?

New Apple iPhone: 5 Tips and Tricks for Apple iPhone X Users

Apple iPhone X Face ID Disabling

Apple iPhone X key feature is Face ID recognition where we can unlock our iPhone through our Face. So, many people aware of enabling this feature but don’t  know how to disable this feature?. We know you are more curious about how to disable this Face ID recognition?

To disable this feature quickly, we need to press all the physical buttons (i.e, Volume UP and Volume DOWN buttons along with this side button) at the same time.

You can see how to disable this feature:

Image source: Gadget Hacks

Go Back to the Home Screen in Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X disabled the Home Button i.e, there is no more Home button like in previous versions of Apple phones. Then how we will back to our Home screen?

By Swiping up from the bottom of the display we can easily back to the Home screen with the short Animation.

Here how we can come back to the home screen:


The Complete Overview of Apple iPhone X

Open Notification Center and Open the Control Center in Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X has very helpful gesture features. To launch the Control center in Apple iPhone X, swipe down the top right corner on the screen where access control center is located apart that we can also get notification center by swiping down the Top left corner on the screen.

You can see, how to open notification center and control center:

How to Close Bunch of Apps or a Single App in Apple iPhone X

Now you have to learn another important gesture to close the bunch of Apps or a single App on Apple iPhone X. Swipe Up from the bottom of the screen and hold it for one more second till all the opened Apps will show? From there we can swipe up to close an app quickly.

Here you can see how to close the bunch of apps:

How to Restart Apple iPhone when an App Crashes

While using some Apps, the phone suddenly Crashes and freezes for a long time. To avoid this problem we need to learn this trick how to restart our Apple iPhone X in 3 simple easy steps:

  • Press Volume Up Button
  • Then Volume Down Button
  • After that Hold side button for 10 Seconds until the screen black.
  • Then after the phone will restart with Apple logo.

Here you can see how to restart your Apple iPhone X:

Here are 5 tips & tricks for Apple iPhone X users collected from the different resources in the Web and shared with you.Comment below if you want to know more about these gestures features.

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