There are literally 100s of tools online so let us discuss the best ones.
SEO or search engine optimization is very necessary for your site to increase trafficking and rank it to the top best. It basically means where your site appears on a search engine which depends on how high your ranking is. So we will see 5 of the best ones which are online and necessary.

Moz is a very important tool for SEO as it is very helpful in improving the rank of your website. Moz is fully equipped with potential tools to help you master this skill. Moz works on basic algorithms and sees the quality of your content, site design, bounce rates, viewers, backlinks on your webpage, Loading speed, originality and age of the web site. It not only helps you to rank your web site but also provides tips to improve them. Moz is highly trusted and reliable online tool.

The best part of this tool is that it’s free and user-friendly. It is basically used as a source which tells you how well Google is understanding your content and is eligible or not. This online tool actually scans through your site for security leaks, errors or keyword performance. This can be an initial step before you start doing SEO for your website.
This tool basically helps you to see that how well your website runs on various devices. A website which is well organized and optimized for every device like Android, Ios or windows is more preferable and search engines will love it.
Simple copy and paste your URL in this online tool and it’ll check for your websites speed, loading time and how well it’s optimized for both mobile and PC. It also determines the errors as well. Font sizes, Placement of text and tables, Button placements are huge factors.

Google webmaster tools provide a help in regards of how well your website is ranked on Google or how well this search engine treats or think of your web page. It’s basically used to resolve indexing issues or bugs. This tool requires installation on your local hard drive or WordPress users can simply use plugins. Google keyword planner whereas checks the stats of your keywords, Like search data, suggested bid, monthly searched volumes, competitions, impression share etc. These things are very important for the SEO to be considered.
This is one of the best tools to improve quality and originality of your site’s content. Plagiarism checks online whether your content is original or is plagiarized or copied from some place else. Google algorithms rank a website on this base as well. If Google finds any plagiarized content or stolen stuff, it will simply red-flag that web page or penalizes it as well. So to get a safe passage from that we can simply use online Plagiarism checker. Simply copy your content and paste in this tool. It will run a check and will show a percentage of how much data is unique or copied.
You can find this tool here.
Quality content is the key element to get traffic and high ranking on a search engine.

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