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Hey geeks, Apple has recently announced new,interesting and killing features of IOS 10 which is released in this year.The month September is an Apple’s month because it is going to be release all the new features for all the gadgets of Apple.Let have look here..!!

Recently,this year in the month of June in WWDC keynote(world wide developers conference) Apple has announced the new updates that are going to be released soon in the month of September.The Apple has launched new updates and features for MACOS,IOS 10,WatchOS,TVOS.
Lets now look over 5 New and Killing features of IOS 10:
       Messages are most used app in any mobile and in Iphone also so now Apple is introducing new features which are impressive and makes iMessages more personal,emotive and fun.
Now iMessages can be sent with an animated background like balloons,fireworks and some other animated images which make more fun while chatting with your Colleagues or friends or relatives.
Invisible Ink– The message or photo which you have sent will be hidden until you swipe on it to reveal.
Tap back-Now you can tap back with hearts,thumbs up,and many more double tapping on the chat bubble.
The Digital touch is used for sketching which is already in Apple watches.The feature is now introduced in IOS 10 in IMessages where you can draw hearts and your own arts and a tap to send to your friends.The Digital Touch is also introduced for Photos and videos where you can draw on your or you can also draw on the video which your playing.
Now the IMessages also supports richer text where you can send your website link or some site links in your Messages it appears with image that link has supported with it.
Hand writing feature in Messages where you can write with your finger and send messages to your friends.Tapping on the pen which is at bottom right side of the keyboard which enables the Touch pad where you can write your message and sent to your friends.
IOS 10 also supports stickers where you can make fun with your friends.Few Messaging apps that are available in the Messages store.
The IOS 10 has been with updated with new features in the Photos app.The photos app is developed  with deep learning algorithms and most advanced facial and object recognition techniques.The photos app detects all the photos of you and your friends which makes easier you to recognize the situation that have been occurred of that photo.
The most interesting and new features in photos app is where you can memorize your vacations or occasions photos.On tapping memories you can find many vacation trip photos and occasion photos and event photos where you can see it in the form of video i.e, in the cinematography view where you have an theme,music which is just like a quick video.
Like Messages and Mail,the photos app is also incorporated with dynamic editing tools where you can edit images with text and drawing sketches.
The Lock screen has new features in IOS 10,with a new widgets on side panel,redesigned control center and a slide to unlock.The lock screen has bright and new look.The incoming notifications no longer sat on the wallpaper.
RAISE TO WAKE UP is a feature which displays all the information on the screen without need to put the finger on the Touch ID home button
SLIDE TO UNLOCK is a feature which is now eliminated to access the pass code screen.Now the features guides the user to “press home to unlock the  screen” and the device that yet to be unlocked with the finger registered to a touch pad.
The Notification bar has no longer has “Today view”.The new feature is offering up with all the notifications and a search box for quick access. 3 D touching now offers to clear all the notifications at once.
For the first time SIRI has integrated with third party apps where you can booking a ride on UBER,send payments,calling to your MOM.With the support of third party app SIRI can do better than past.
SIRI has integrated with six different kind of functions like ride booking,messaging,photos search,payments,VoIP calling and workouts.
SIRI integrates with the messaging app where multilingual keyboard enables where user can change the message language.
The Maps are embedded with new features in IOS 10 where user access is more easier compare to older versions.Maps features traffic information on the way user is travelling and enables dynamic view where user can get latest traffic conditions.
Now IOS 10 includes Map extensions for developers,so apps integrate with other apps without opening multiple apps.Let us suppose finding the restaurants on Map and booking a Dinner or Lunch on the same place without going into the other apps.
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