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Launched in mid-2012, Tesla Model S is one of the most promising premium sedans. It is designed by Franz von Holzhausen who is in charge of design in Tesla Inc. Apart from looks, Tesla Model S is equipped with some amazing technical features which give an edge to this car in the market. This car was awarded as ‘Car of the Year’ award by motor trends and it was the first car ever receiving this award in the electric car segment.

Here are few New Tech features on Tesla’s new Model,

1. Autopilot Mode

Tesla believes that its autopilot mode is safer than the regular human-driven car. The Autopilot mode in the car is sophisticated and enhanced. The self-driving capability of the car is powered by 8 surround cameras and 12 updated ultrasonic sensors.

2. Automatic Safety Features

Tesla Model S is equipped with some amazing safety features with self-driving capabilities. Apart from self-driving, the car possesses Bling Spot Monitoring, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning etc.

3. The door handles

This feature is the most interesting and innovative among all the offerings of Tesla Model S. The sensors automatically detects when the driver is around and the door handles automatically pulls out of the car.

4. Largest Display Interface

Tesla Model S has the largest Display interface as compared to any other car. The size of touch screen display is 17 inch. It consists of almost every functionality required by the driver.

5. The Car has no starter button

With Tesla Model S, you do not need a starter button. All you have to do is to bring the key closer to the car, sit, close the door and car will automatically start the engine.
This was our story on some amazing tech specs of Tesla Model S. The article is sent by our friends at Sowheels which talks about latest automotive stories.

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